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Consumer Goods & Retail


2-21 Producer (Big Data Department) / プロデューサー(ビッグデータ)


5.5-10 million


1. Service Management / Product Management.
2. Project Management.
3. Managing KPI of service in charge.
4. Stakeholder management of all the the activities from business teams to development teams.
5. Support of User behavior analysis, search log analysis.
6. Making and proceeding mid and long term strategy of responsible services.


1. Experienced whole development process of an application or a service such as planning, design, implementation and test for more than 3 years.
2. Excellent communication skills (working with people with different backgrounds of business/technical, culture, nationality).
3. Experience of analyzing business demands and translating into technical requirements.
4. Strong problem solving skills.
5. Project Management skills (planning, scheduling, etc).
6. Understanding KPI, and experience of KPI driven service development.
7. Willingness to challenge a new thing.