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Data Scientist in Retail Industry


2-23 Data Scientist /データサイエンティスト


Consumer Goods & Retail

5.8 - 15 milion
1. Identify the required data, and to collect and extract data from internal and external various databases (open data / external purchases, etc.).
2. Performs a cleansing of the collected data, analyzed using statistical analysis or machine learning. I dig the in-site by the data mining.
3. From found insight and analysis results, and create a story that leads to the effect on the business, we propose business involving stockholders reform.

1. Customer data, purchasing data, such as tabulation and analysis experience · Web access log of big data (page views, visitors, attract channel) customer analysis experience from Data mining, work experience of mathematical statistical modeling.
2. Multivariate analysis, probability, knowledge of machine learning.
3. SAS, SPSS, R, Tableau, analysis tools, programming skills such as Python.