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2-23 QA Engineer for Search Engine Development / QA エンジニア (サーチエンジン開発)


5.5 - 7.5 milion


1. Design, implement, and perform automated tests under our test framework.
2. Design, document, and perform manual tests (when necessary.)
3. Enhance and maintain the test framework.
4. Monitor test results and investigate the causes of failures.
5. File bug reports the failures. Help create and document a QA plan and strategies.
6. Continuously evaluate the QA activities in order to improve the process.
7. Participate and provide input in requirement and technical design review meetings.
8. Close integration with the development team.


1. Experience in system development or QA engineering for over 3 years.
2. Experience creating test cases based on specifications as a software developer.
3. Experienced with whole software development process or a service such as planning, design, implementation and test.
4. Experience and willingness to go ahead on a project with team members and other sections.
5. Programming experience in Java, or other object oriented programming language which would lead to quickly learning it.
6. Familiar with UNIX as a deployment environment.