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Consumer Goods & Retail


2-24 AI Engineer / AIエンジニア


5.5 - 10 milion


1. Understand the business problem, challenge of existing technologies and areas of application for AI technologies.
2. Identify and choose right AI or cognitive computing technologies for solving problems and formulate AI recipes for development.
3, Develop required machine learning models or prototype applications applying formulated AI recipes and verify the problem/solution fit.
4. Involve in development of AI Platform and AI-nization projects.


1. Minimum 3 years of development experience using one of JAVA, C, C++ or python languages.
2. Minimum 3 years of experience in web application development.
Minimum 2 years of experience in building of API driven interface development.
3. Experience in developing cloud applications running on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix etc.