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8-29 Strategy Consultant: Project Leader/戦略コンサルタン:プロジェクトマネージャー


Professional Services & Consulting

15-21 million
1. Build leadership skills by taking ownership of project management learning to keep one eye on the big picture and the other on the details.
2. Provide intellectual leadership for the team and ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget, harnessing the team’s diversity to ensure the development of creative solutions to complex problems.
3. Give your team members formal and informal feedback and encourage them as they continue to develop their skills.
4. By managing the client relationship you ensure that the team exceeds the client’s expectations.
5. Start to play a role in building the company by participating in recruiting campaigns, contributing to training programs, and writing for internal and external audiences.
6. Have the option of becoming a facilitator for PTO (Predictability, Teaming, and Open Communication), the Firm’s innovative approach to achieving work-life balance through smarter case team management.
7. In this role, the Firm’s teams are your client, and you would work with them to identify issues, diagnose root causes, and collaborate with them to find innovative solutions.
8. You would handle up to ten cases, providing structure, guidance, and coaching on effective case team process through regular meetings with teams.
1. Bachelor degree.
2. Top Tier University.
3. Ability to Think Critically and Analytically.
4. Consulting experience required.
5. MBA degree Welcome; not required.