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03-07 Business Consulting and Innovation/ビジネスコンサルティングイノベーション


Consumer Goods and Retail

10-15 million
1. Find essential problem from field, fact and actual things and improve it collaborating with other relevant divisions going into Group’s business (both Japan and foreign countries) and mission-critical tasks deeply.
2. Realize business mechanism (improvement) in future evaluating business Group through any direction.
3. Ensure the effect of internal control in whole the Group and contribute to business growth in whole Group setting up organization with development of business efficiency, maximization of sales profit and operation standardization.

1. Ability/willingness to find essential problems in the holistic business corporation and solve the problem involving other people in the different divisions.
2. Ability to innovate business and organization through a wide view of business management based on experience and background in accounting and finance, legal, HR, corporate planning, and business development etc.
3. Ability to catch not surface but essence.
4. Stress tolerance for problem-solving pointing out things to be improved in other divisions.
5. Strong spirit of service (customer-oriented/strong willingness to do a useful things for other people).