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Consumer Goods & Retail


4-11 Operation Construction, System Design, Operation Delivery / 業務構築・システム設計・業務展開 


8-15 million


1. In this role, you will work on a process in the system construction through formulation of ideal status, collaboration with field staff, design and deploy our ERP systems.


1. Strong leadership to drive business innovatively not succumb to any friction.
2. Experience of work restructuring/business design of either customers’ or your company in one of the following positions.
3. Ability to promote innovation (essential improvement and efficiency) based on the understanding of purpose of the business and actual situation.
4. Experience in promoting business system construction project as a responsible person.
5. TOEIC 700+ (Please put TOEIC score or any information which proves your English ability in our entry information).
6. 5+ years working experience.