The Bridge Group Difference

  1. Experience – Our management has over 25 years of experience in the Art of Executive Search.
  2. TBG Turnover – We have one of, if not the lowest turnover rate for our own employees in the industry. We train and retain our staff for years so they can you don't have to retrain a new consultant about your company and organizational structure every 6 months.
  3. Brain Storming – Each candidate is met by all our consultants to best determine if that person is a right match for the company they represent. This is time consuming however it has allows a higher level of service and accuracy for clients and candidates. Quality over Quantity. Accuracy over Inaccuracy.
  4. Privacy Mark – This certification takes about a year to obtain which includes review of IT security, employee training on information handling and a strict inspection of our internal confidential information handling processes. It is a sign of the level of commitment and professionalism in a company.
  5. Government Licensed – Clients should work with companies that are fully licensed by the Japanese Government. This will help improve the executive search industry standards and ultimately improve the service to the client.
  6. Testing – All non-native Japanese are given a spoken and written test to determine their true Japanese level. In addition IT and Accounting and Finance people are asked to fill out a self-evaluation forms to better determine their core strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Surveys – We ask clients and candidates to take our survey once a year. This allows us to detect problems and make corrections so we may better serve you.
  8. Client Reports – Each prospective candidate is given a full TBG standardized report of your company to best prepare and motivate them for the meeting.
  9. Job Descriptions – We provide a job description to all potential candidates so that they fully understand the requirements for the role.
  10. Standardized Submissions – All e-mail to the clients and candidates are computer standardized with topics clearly stated in the “Subject Field” so they are easier to locate, identify and understand.
  11. Active CSR participation – This underlies our commitment to our mission statement of “Improving a persons Life”. See “Mission Statement”.
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