Advantages of The Bridge Group

  • An extensive business network built through years of service.
  • Submission of candidates that are on the mark.
  • A sense of urgency.
  • Readiness to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of your business and even more importantly your corporate culture.
  • A logical, organized, thorough, and proven approach to executive search.
  • Objectivity in candidate assessment.
  • Obtain an accurate evaluation of our candidates by meeting them face-to-face.
  • The ability to persuade and motivate candidates.
  • Professional integrity.
  • Follow-through commitment.

Why The Bridge Group

Our process is quite unique in the industry. When a candidate comes into our office they meet not just one consultant but many consultants. Each consultant is then able to directly interview the candidate and determine if the person matches the position as well matches the corporate culture of their client. This process is much more timely, however provides better results for our candidates and companies we represent.

A person is more than just a resume and a company is not just a place of work. There must be a proper matching of both ability and corporate culture between the person and company. This can only be achieved through meeting each person and knowing each company. We have had many experiences where the person was rejected on the resume screening, however since the consultant met the person and the company had faith in our selection process we could proceed to a first meeting and in the end the company hiring them. We have had reverse situations as well where the candidate had refused to interview at a particular company due to what others have said or various rumors but we highly recommend the company and at the end up choosing that company out of many others. Both these situations can only be achieved through fully understanding the candidate and client as well as earned trust from both parties we represent.
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