The Job Search Process

1. First Contact
You contact us about your career or we contact you based on referrals about your reputation gathered from other people, articles and from our research group that inform us that you have the skills and background we are searching for.

2. Meet You Face-to-Face
This gives us the opportunity to really get to know you, and for you to become acquainted with us. We want to fully understand your personal career goals and objectives. In our meetings we try to help you understand the following:

  • The present job market and possibilities.
  • Compensation levels in your field. How is your pay level compared to the market?
  • The interview process.
  • How to attain your career objectives.
  • The job search process.
  • What to look for in the offer letter.

3. No Fee From our Candidates
We only accept fees from our clients. The service and professional advice provided to our candidates are free.

4. Help Create a Professional English Resume
Your first impression is a lasting one. Therefore presenting a professional resume is an important initial step. We see and review thousands of resumes and will assist you in the creation of an impressive English resume.

5. Match Your Skills and Background
We will make sure that you are making an informed choice as to which positions you would like to pursue. We will give you insights into the company background, their products, services, corporate culture, and expectations. In addition, we provide you background information on the decision makers you will be meeting.

6. Confidentiality
We will always ask your permission before submitting you to anyone and hold matters in complete confidence. You have full control of where your resume is sent.

7. Arrange and Prepare You for the Meeting
Prior to the meeting, we will provide you with details regarding the company position and will counsel you on how to best interview.

8. Advise You on the Meeting Feedback
We will give you feedback from the meeting and we will gather your feedback regarding the meeting.

9. Continue the Process
We will continue to assist and advise you through the job search process until you find the right company or determine it is not a good fit for you. You can stop the entire procedure at anytime, and have full control over the process.

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