Advantages of The Bridge Group's Executive Search in Japan

  • We have a strong personalized approach to Executive Search and partner with you to find your best career path.
  • We know the Japan Job Market and have connections to hundreds of companies.
  • We have management having over 25 years of professional experience in the field of Executive Search.
  • We deal directly with the people who make the decisions at the company you wish to join.
  • We are a government approved and licensed executive search company.
  • We operate under a strict code of confidentiality and ethics and have obtained the government Privacy Mark.
  • We assist you with no risk or cost to yourself.
  • We can advise you on how to make yourself marketable and successful in your career.
  • We have earned a reputation as being one of the best executive search firms in the Japan Market.

Why The Bridge Group
Our Beliefs

At TBG we believe in "improving a person's life by improving their career."
A person looks for a new job maybe once every five years. They want to depend upon a company that will put them first for their future, for their family, for their life and not the interest of the recruiting company representing them. We go over in detail a person’s strengths, weakness and strategy in the job search process. Sometimes after listening to a person’s situation we actually to their surprise, recommend the person does not move. We believe at the heart of every successful career is a trusted consultant who strives to improve that person’s life.

Through years of work in this industry we are fortunate to be able to represent the very best companies in the World. Companies that care for their employees, have strong growth and are good for people and the communities they operate in.

After a person has met our team, we hear time and time again comments such as. "You have a great group of people working here". “Your company process is so different. Comments like that show we are living up to our mission statement of “Improving a person’s life…”

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