Company's Efforts to Protect Personal Information

Bridge Group K.K. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") recognizes as a leading executive search firm which connect "people" and "companies" that it is the Company's responsibility to properly and securely manage information. The company understands that, in handling the personal information collected from the candidates, client companies, and our employees, it is our social mission to manage such information with a defined system and procedures in place.

The Company will develop and constantly improve and implement the management system in order to ensure that all officers and employees of the Company comply with laws and regulations and various guidelines concerning personal information and to protect the rights of individuals while giving consideration to the usefulness of the personal information used in the Company's business pursuant to the personal information protection policy below.

Privacy Policy
1. The Company will strongly recognize the importance of protection of personal information and will properly collect, use, provide, or outsource personal information to the extent of the purposes of use necessary to fulfill the business of the Company. In collecting the personal information, the Company will make sure to notify or make public the specific intended purposes of use.

Except for the following cases, the Company will not use the personal information for any purposes without consent of the owner of said personal information.

Furthermore, the Company will take measures not to use for any purpose other than the intended purpose of use.
  • Such use is required by applicable laws and regulations;
  • Such use is required for the protection of human life, physical health or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent thereto of the owner of said personal information;
  • Such use is especially necessary to improve public health and to promote sound growth of young people and it is difficult to obtain the consent thereto of the customer; or
  • Such use is made in cooperation with the fulfillment of the services as provided in the relevant laws or regulations by governmental agencies or local public entities or their entrusted entities and the fulfillment of such services may be interfered with by obtaining the consent of the owner of said public information.
2. The Company will observe laws and regulations, guidelines and other codes established by the national government concerning the handling of personal information.

3. The Company will improve internal rules and regulations and take reasonable security measures, preventive measures, and corrective measures against risk of leakage, loss or damage of personal information.

4. The Company will promptly and appropriately respond in good faith to any complaints, consultations, or requests for disclosure, etc., in connection with the handling of personal information. The Company shall establish a personal information consultation office as a contact office for complaints, consultations, disclosure, etc.

5. In order to properly manage, and ensure the protection of, personal information, the Company will constantly improve and properly operate a personal information protection management system in light of requests of the owners of the personal information and changes in any management environment surrounding the Company.

September 18, 2009

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