Case Study - Candidate's Life

Satoko san,

I was working for an International Insurance Broker, living and working in Dubai for five years.

The area is known for one of the richest and most modern parts of the world, also for the unique and traditional culture of the Middle East.

I was enchanted by the complex beauty of their culture and people. It was truly a lifetime adventure which I enjoyed very much. However, there came a time in my life that I made the decision to move back to Japan.

I had feeling of excitement to go home as well as a feeling of sadness to leave the land of magic. I was concerned about starting a new life and career in Japan after living overseas for so long. I also was hoping to further develop my marketing skills and experience in the insurance industry.

The Bridge Group.

Our client, one of the automotive giants, had been looking to fill the position of a marketing insurance specialist for several months. They were known for their rigorous screening and extremely high standards. They had met many candidates for the position but none of them had fit their overall profile.

When we met Satoko-san, we immediately knew that we were looking at the face of the candidate we had been searching for the client. A win-win-win situation for everyone involved. It was our ultimate joy to see her smile and feel proud that we were a part of a great start for her career back in Japan.

At TBG, we highly value the importance of meeting each candidate face-to-face before introducing them to a client. We carefully listen to their personal career objectives, long-term plans and goals. We believe that it is not only what is written in a resume, but also their personality, background and what they desire in life that are key in making the match between our candidates and clients. We were quite proud that Satoko san was able to obtain the position. It satisfied her career objective and she became a key addition to our client.

Congratulations Satoko san.