Corporate Social Responsibility

Part of our mission statement of The Bridge Group is to “Help People Improve their lives”. It is the corner stone principle of the company and helps guide our path in our daily activities. In reflection of this we strive to be active in various CSR programs.

Get in touch! PROJECT

Get in touch is an organization headed by the actress Chizuru Azuma san to promote awareness of autism in Japan. We choose this CSR program because it fell in line with our Mission Statement, “To improve a persons life…”

Make A Wish

One of our key CSR program has been with “Make a Wish”. This program is dedicated to help terminally ill children achieve their goals in their life-time.
This is in parallel to our goals of “Helping people improve their lives”.
Make A Wish
  • The Bridge Group Party for Make a Wish

  • April 2008, Charity Run

  • April 2010, Charity Run

AAA, African clothes drive.