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Targeting Your Ideal Employer

There are several ways you can identify your ideal employer. When you begin your job search, you should spend some time thinking about the points below and learn to express your preferences clearly to your Bridge Group Consultant.

Who do you admire?
The simplest exercise is to make a short list of four or five companies that you admire in one way or another. Maybe you love their products, or they are well known to be excellent employers.

Explain to your recruiter why you admire them in particular. This will help your recruiter identify other similar clients that you never thought of (or maybe never heard of). Most likely your most admired companies are already clients of The Bridge Group.

The Bridge Group is very selective on the clients we represent. We represent only the very best companies in the Japan Market. Companies that have a strong reputation in excellent products, services and treat their employees with respect and care.

Corporate culture
First you have to understand yourself before you can evaluate potential employers. If you can explain your own character, then you know where you will fit in best.

Big/Small: Candidates who enjoy working for big organizations do so because they want a lot of career opportunities and to "climb the ladder" to success. They may also want to work for an international, brand name company. Candidates who enjoy small companies often want to feel as if they are part of a family. There is also a chance to "ride the wave" to a senior position as the organization enters its growth phase.

International/Domestic: Companies with true international environments would allow you to use your English more and your past experience abroad for work or study. There is often greater flexibility in working for an international firm. By "domestic companies," we at the Bridge Group mean foreign subsidiaries that operate really like traditional Japanese companies. These companies offer security in their predictable structures and decision-making processes with few surprises. They are usually more hierarchal than international companies (see next section).

Hierarchal /Entrepreneurial: Hierarchal organizations appeal to candidates who work best with clear directions and goals and who enjoy attention to detail. It also gives you a more clearly defined career path within the organization. Alternatively, entrepreneurial organizations appeal to those with an aggressive nature who want to be "trail blazers," creating new ways of success.

Casual/Formal: Candidates who lived outside Japan for some time often succeed in a casual environment. They tend to perform best in unstructured workplaces and also prefer casual wear and a more "homey" environment. Candidates who succeed in formal environments often like the excitement of urban areas, boardroom tables and wear "power ties" to "power lunches".

What can they offer you?
You need to understand everyone has different priorities. Tell your Bridge Group consultant what you value most in your job hunt. The better we understand your needs the better match we can make for you. What is right for one person will not be for another.

1. Career Path: Are you looking for quick advancement? Do you want to transfer internally to other departments or divisions?

2. Training: Does your profession require continuous skill development? Is there any specific area you want to learn about or improve? Does your potential employer provide internal and external training opportunities?

3. Perks: Aside from regular salary and bonuses, are there any stock options or non-financial perks like gym memberships, employee discounts or employee retreats that you'd like to have?

4. Job Security: Is this company's industry still growing? Is this company mature (if not still growing), rather than declining? Have they recently downsized?

Keep an open mind
Your recruiter may suggest clients to you that you have heard bad things about. Maybe they were in the news with some business problems. Maybe your friend used to work for them and had bad things to say. However, you should keep an open mind. Company situations change and people might be criticizing a company due to other unknown and irrelevant reasons. If the role is attractive, you should meet the client and find out first-hand. Simply put: Don't believe rumors, find out for yourself.

At the end of the day, people usually gain satisfaction from work most when either they truly love the intrinsic nature of their profession, or they love the organization itself. It is you who gets to decide which aspect to place emphasis upon.

In conclusion, examining these points will help you identify which company you want to pursue with your Bridge Group consultant.

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