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Questions for You to Ask

When interviewing for a new position it is important that you find out as much about the company as possible so that, if the company offers you a position, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to accept the offer. It is your job to interview the company to see if they are a good fit for you. When interviewing with a foreign company, it is important that you can ask questions in English as well as Japanese. Here are some questions from the Bridge Group that you may consider asking in an interview:

  1. Please further explain the position and its requirements.
  2. What is the reporting line?
  3. Why has the position become available? Is it a new position due to expansion or was the previous holder of the position let go. If let go, why were they unsuccessful?
  4. How many people are there in this department and how many in the company?
  5. What competitive advantage do you have over other companies in the industry?
  6. Please explain the company culture. What kinds of people have done well here?
  7. What is this company's best selling product/ service?
  8. What are this company's growth plans?
  9. What are the obstacles to achieving these goals?
  10. What are the obstacles to achieving the goals of the position?
  11. Why would you recommend this company as a good place to work?
  12. What career path is available at this company?

Ensure that you ask at least three or four questions at each interview. It shows that you really want the job, that you are interested in the company, and that you prepared for the meeting. Clients tell us at the Bridge Group that some candidates didn't seem interested simply because they asked no questions. If you want the company to be interested in you; you also need to show interest in them.

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