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Interview Blunders

There are certain things you shouldn't say or ask in an interview. Below are ten interview "blunders" that The Bridge Group clients repeatedly mention to our consultants that put them off a particular candidate. Don't do the following:

1. Don't be late: if you are unavoidably delayed, call your Bridge Group consultant BEFORE the meeting time so he can advise the client for you.

2. Don't criticize former employers: it's simply unprofessional. If you talk badly about them, what will you say when you leave their employment.

3. Don't over-emphasize money: your Bridge Group consultant has already briefed the client on your salary breakdown and expectations and can further negotiate this point on your behalf.

4. Don't ask about salary, holidays, bonuses and so on at the first interview: these points are often provided in black and white in the Offer Letter; also, your Bridge Group consultant can often get these answers for you.

5. Don't over-answer: you need to give the client a chance to ask follow-up questions, or to move on to other important topics.

6. Don't lie: it's simply unethical and when you are found out you can be fired without notice.

7. Don't answer only "Yes" or "No": expand a little with a comment or an example; it shows that you are a good communicator and have good reasons for your reply.

8. Don't make sexist or other discriminatory remarks: basically, if you don't have something positive to say, don't say anything at all.

9. Don't forget to smile: strong candidates have been rejected because they seemed too serious, or even boring; companies like to hire happy people. People who get along with others. Always show strong interest in the company and position.

10. Don't forget to use a firm handshake: weak handshakes are said to feel like a "dead fish"; foreigners think a person with a weak handshake is not confident and not very capable.

11. Don't forget to show interest: This is critical in obtaining the job. We hear many times from the client that the person showed no interest in their company or position, even though the person might have been strongly interested. Show your passion and enthusiasm. Would you hire someone who showed no interest in joining your company?

Even though these seem extremely obvious, these mistakes probably account for 90% of rejections if the candidate was otherwise qualified. Don't let this happen to you!

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