Creative Event Director /イベント ディレクター


07-12 Creative Event Director /イベント ディレクター


8-12 million


1. This company specialises in more traditional physical event management. The company has a wide variety of clients in various industries: automotive, technology, software, food & beverage and entertainment. Including over 40 "Fortune" 500 Companies.

2. They are looking for a Creative Event Director to help create and realize their clients visions and to work collaboratively with a creative team to implement their ideas into FULL EVENTS in TOKYO, JAPAN with amazing brands!!!



1. Experience value of events and Experience design.
2. Experience in producing strategies, content and messaging.
3. Ability to demonstrate creativity based on strategies, content and messaging.
4. Marketing basic knowledge.
5. Communication skills with clients including high presentation skills.
6. University degree and above.
7. Adequate experience of engagement and events at ad agency / event agency (over 5 years).
8. Experience in foreign-owned / global brands (especially automobiles, IT, information communication, etc.).
9. English ability of business level capable of performing duties (TOEIC: 850 points or more, or equivalent level).