Media & Entertainment


06-28 Project Manager/プロジェクトマネージャー


6-12 million


1. Effectively articulate the overall vision and strategic direction to all project members, and ensure that key project updates and directional changes are shared in a timely manner.
2. Ensure key relevant updates are regularly shared on an ongoing basis, both across sub-teams of the assigned function, as well as across functions/departments.
3. Create and maintain the overall game development project schedule, and provide regular reports to key stakeholders.
4. Act as a liaison across various functions/departments, and manage progress, negotiate resources, timelines, etc. as well as necessary adjustments as they arise.



1. 5+ years of large-scale, high-end game development experience.
2. Previous project management experience.
3. Strong negotiation skills dealing with various departments/functions.
4. Logical thinking skills, and calm, objective task management skills.
5. Track record of successfully using project management tools/systems.
6. Fluent Japanese communication skills.
7. English communications skills a plus.