Life Sciences


03-13 Senior Financial Analyst/シニア ファイナンシャル アナリスト


6-10 million


 1. Assist in the preparation of financial analysis of actual, forecast and budget figures and identify key trends as appropriate.
2. Coordinate and manage the inter-company matching process.
3. Prepare and distribute the inter-company confirmations for inter-company notes and interest.
4. Coordinate the inter-company matching through effective and timely communication of differences to all parties involved and then following through to ensure correcting entries are provided to eliminate differences.
5. Ensure inter-company suspense account balances do not contain any material items and that the items are current.
6. Prepare inter-company suspense and inter-company matching reports for review by senior finance management and independent auditors.
7. Prepare the topside journal report for distribution to finance staff for them to enter in their general ledgers to ensure consistency with the database.
8. Maintain detailed understanding of internal customer requirements and develop processes that will meet or exceed these requirements.
9. Ensure compliance with internal financial accounting procedures and policies relevant to the scope of this role.
10. Ensure all financial and accounting records are thoroughly maintained and complete in preparation for independent audits.
11. Perform other duties as assigned.



1. Knowledge of General Ledger accounting.
2. Knowledge of finance modules of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft.
3. Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.
4. Technical accounting skills.
5. Strong analytical and numeracy skills.
6. Ability to identify financial issues and execute mitigating actions.
7. Ability to prioritize and coordinate multiple work requirements to meet deadlines.
8. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, managers and clients.
9. Bachelor’s degree and 5 years’ experience in accounting; or equivalent combination of education, training and experience.