Consumer Goods & Retail


11-30 PR Assistant/PR アシスタント


3-4 million


1. Work closely with press related people based on in-depth understanding of brand positioning.
2. Understand digital utilizing new method.
3. Effective PR activities based on suitable localization, understanding strategy on brand through global perspective.
4. Support for lending support in showrooms.
5. Create a loan list.
6. Sample management.
7. Management of publication magazines · sample magazines.
8. Create PR posting report.
9. Relationship with press related person, influencer.
10. Approach to influencers and acquisition of SNS exposure.
11. Development of new digital media and influencers.
12. Progress support for various events.
13. Support for creating various event reports.


1. Basic level of PC proficiency (Word, Excel, PPT).
2. Illustrator,Photoshop plus.
3. English skill plus.
4. PR experience in fashion Industry plus.
5. Working experience in foreign company plus.