Information & Technology


09-1 UX/UI Designer / UX/UI デザイナー


5-8 million


1. In charge of the overall design process of app and website for consumers and businesses.
2. Responsible for the entire process from UI/UX Design to Visual Design, along with being in close communication with engineers until the final product's release.
3. Actively making suggestions for features.
- User Experience Design.
- User Interface Design.
- Visual Design.


1. Experience in designing mobile apps.
2. Experience in website design.
3. A proactive mindset and interest in conducting research on mobile applications and web services in both Japan and overseas.
4. Ability to design with user's perspective in mind.
5. Ability to communicate in both English and Japanese in a business setting.
6. Experience in implementing websites and mobile apps (Personal or Work Projects).
7. Experience working in close collaboration with engineers.
8. A strong interest in mobile payment services.