Consumer Goods & Retail


07-06 B2B Marketing Specialist/B2B マーケティングスペシャリスト


7-10 million


1. Define and execute marketing strategy.
2. Develop messaging strategy for success initiatives and marketing deliverables.
3. Define, design and create marketing website and own traffic generation to generate leads.
4. Own paid marketing initiatives, including campaigns and events, deliver updates on marketing to senior leaders.
5. Manage offline and online marketing plan collaborating with PR team.
6. Design and execute offline and online marketing tactics to generate, nurture and handoff leads to sales.
7. Plan and design Demand Generation marketing campaigns with various marketing & communication tactics such as emails, seminars, and tele-marketing etc.
8. Execute Demand Generation marketing campaigns to generate, progress and nurture sellers’ interest in the marketing funnel, and hand off opportunities(leads) to sales reps at appropriate timing for follow up calls and sales closure. Navigate non-sales leads to self-registration pipeline.
9. Monitor progress and result of Demand Generation marketing campaigns, share results with PM and sales managers of Business Units.
10. Always savvy on new marketing tactics and improve Demand Generation strategy.
11. Lead the team to develop lead nurturing campaign and scoring strategy and deploy continuous analysis and improvement process.



1. Master’s degree in business, marketing, economics, mathematics, engineering or computer science.
2. 5+ years of hands-on professional experience in managing and successfully driving multiple project in B2B business.
3. Experience in building and executing Online and Offline marketing strategies and demand generation campaigns.
4. Strong analytical skills.
5. Ability to think and act both strategically and tactically.
6. Strong communication skills: experience in coordinating teams and communicating to management.
7. Strong bias for action and ability to prioritize.
8. Ability to use hard data and metrics to prioritize projects per channel and market.
9. Aptitude for organization, flexibility and producing results in a fast paced environment.
10. Technical ability in using Power Point and Excel, plus the ability to learn in-house tools quickly.