Life Sciences


03-14 Business Analyst Lead/ビジネスアナリスト 


9-12 million


1. Perform requirements gathering and analysis in order to provide high quality and detailed requirements, ensuring the closest involvement with, and agreement from, the user community
2. Create prototypes and simulations to provide an accurate, graphical user interface representation, thereby facilitating successful solution design and development
3. Resolve conflicting end-user requirements
4. Follow System Life-Cycle (SLC) and Computer System Validation (CSV) procedures, as appropriate
5. Collaborate with the Lead User, or delegated member of the applicable business group, to create a User Requirements Specification (URS) document
6. Collaborate with the Development group to create a Functional Specification (FS) document
7. Model processes to clarify business requirements, and to enhance or re-engineer business processes, prior to, or in parallel with, solution design and implementation, as necessary
8. Produce and review data/information models and preliminary system architecture, as needed
9. As needed, review the Performance Qualification (PQ) document(s) prior to authorization and execution, to ensure that it incorporates previously-captured requirements, and includes tests or test steps that explicitly address each identified user requirement
10. Collaborate with Global IT Solutions functional groups by adhering to established processes to ensure that business requirements are delivered through successful project implementation of optimal, cost-effective solutions
11. Collaborate with developers to ensure adherence to business requirements and UI design specifications
12. Collaborate with project team to ensure timely delivery and quality of all project deliverables
13. Manage BA resources in accordance with project schedules
14. Exhibit confidence and an extensive knowledge of emerging industry practices when solving business problems.
15. Develop training and support programs for global technology and process implementations, as needed
16. Identify initial Business Case requirements & other pre-project activities (e.g., high-level requirements, project scope, objectives)
17. Manage the specified business/systems requirements, working closely with the designated Project Manager to facilitate progress of the project



1. strong technical and business writing skills.
2. strong knowledge of technical and grammatical editing.
3. strong knowledge of best practices for user interface design.
4. ability to conceptualize and think creatively.
5. ability to understand the business and technical domains.
6. understanding of modeling languages.
7. understanding of graphical design and prototyping tools.
8. expert knowledge of the CSV and SLC processes adopted by Quintiles, and the ability to assist employees in their use.
9. ability to learn process improvement and re-engineering skills.
10. ability to understand the project life-cycle.
11. ability to understand the business and technical domains.
12. ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical audiences, and business concepts to technical audiences.
13. ability to develop training and support programs for global technology and process implementations.
14. an understanding of current requirements elicitation, analysis, specification, and verification, and the ability to apply them in practice.
15. knowledge of process engineering and process improvements.
16. ability to guide the user in identifying business requirements.