Information & Technology


01-20 Senior Director-Strategic Sourcing / シニアディレクター 戦略ソーシング


10-15 million


1. Drafting and execution of sourcing strategy for parts and finished products.
2. Information gathering and analysis for the market.
3. Optimal supplier selection and related condition negotiation.
4. Introduction and establishment of mechanisms to achieve evaluation, maintenance and improvement of supplier quality.
5. Continuous cost reduction.
6. Establishment of stable supply.
7. Draft an action plan for the year and formulate a budget linked to it.
8. Organization including motivation, personnel management, and guidance and development of the entire team and members.
9. Supplier management and data analysis management using ERP such as SAP.


1. To have a total of more than 10 years of practical experience at a maker or EMS / ODM in occupation (organization) such as purchasing, sourcing, engineering, product planning. (At least 5 years' experience in sourcing is required).
2. Experience led by the project team (to bundle its own department and relevant departments and to have the ability to carry out projects efficiently).
3. ERP introduction and startup experience of SAP etc. (SD, MM, PP, etc. modules).
4. Experience led by purchasing and procurement department as a manager in a foreign-affiliated company or similar environment (management of team of 10 or more).
5. Experience such as BPR (Business Process Reengineering).
6. Business level English ability.
7. Have understanding skills in general and components (plastic molding, substrate, IC, mold etc).
8. Strategic and planning can be planned with full use of analysis.
9. Be able to devise an optimal plan from a medium- to long-term perspective without being limited to the most recent task.
10. To be full of action power to recognize the problem himself and actively solve it.
11. In cross-functional organizations and projects, we have a communication skill essential to build good business relationship with stakeholders, identify landing points as necessary, and form necessary consensus while balancing about.
12. Strong bargaining power and problem solving power.
13. Have experience finance knowledge and practical experience such as financial accounting and acquire experience based analysis ability.