Information & Technology


10-04 Senior Specialist-Strategic Component Sourcing /コンポーネントソーシング


4-6 million


1. Maintenance of tooling by rental, order, modification, disposal, etc.
2. Implementation of RFP and RFQ
3. Investigation, selection and registration of new parts suppliers for brand products
4. Conclusion of NDA, purchase agreement and service agreement
5. Acquisition of quotation of general purchasing goods, cost negotiation.
6. Contact window regarding subcontractors law.
7. Management of Key Parts (Mainly in charge of sourcing of PCBs.
8. Proposal, implementation, progress management of annual cost down plan.
9. Investigation, registration, revision of procurement conditions.
10. Coordination of part EOL.
11. Investigation of parts market, and feedback.
12. Price negotiation of general parts, selection and registration of parts suppliers.
13. Minimization of lead time of long lead time parts.
14. Recognize and recommend operational improvements.


1. At least 2-3 years of related working experience in procurement / sourcing / engineering or product planning field in own brand or EMS environment.
2. Solid working experience in a project team, working with other project members.
3. College, majoring on any discipline (Engineering, Technical background preferred).
4. Working experience in EMS would be a positive advantage.
5. Flexible, open-minded and reflective, and not stubborn, regimented and conservative.
6. Progressive, proactive, highly self-confident, aggressive, assertive, mature and independent person.
7. Good understanding of Engineering aspects and components regarding PCB / Discrete or LCM (Liquid Crystal Module) / TPM (Touch Panel Module).
8. Strong negotiation and Problem Solving skill.
9. Business level communication skill for English and Japanese.
10. High-level interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to influence and balance business and cross-functional working relationships.