Media & Entertainment


7-11 Artist / Designer アーティスト/デザイナー


6.6-8.2 million


1. Create banners and UI by communicating with planning team with spec and requests from teams, for game applications for smartphones, using internal and external tools for 2D and 3D.
2. Not a single player but lead and manage internal and external teams and oversee the schedule and priorities for several titles as a member of Art Team.
3. Occasionally, this role is involved in maintenance and documentation of the workflows and data pipeline with internal technical artists.


1. 3 Years+ experience with digital data development in entertainment such as Game and Pachinko,or in web, magazines and medias as a designer, and have experience in delivering several services during those period.
2. Degree in Arts.
3. Lead or management experience.
4. Abilities to create documents for internal and external use effectively, with experience in it.
5. Creates design by sharing information and going thorough appropriate process with team agreements.
6. Proactively work by communicating with team members.
7 General knowledge of Characters, backgrounds,2D/3D animations and UI in entertainment field.
8 Experiences with using 3D software such as MAYA or 3DSMAX.