Consumer Goods & services


07-04 Product Manager /プロダクト マネージャー


7-9 million


This person will be a Product Manager of household and commercial electric appliances coming from abroad to Japan.

This Product Manager must be strong in English (850) and good at negotiations with overseas personnel.

You will work directly with the Brand Manager to develop strategic partnerships and influence the Brand image and Product name in Japan.

1. Plan and execute the three-year plan of products.
2. Establish and execute plans for product introduction and phase out taking account of product sales and market trends.
3. We propose product concept, target, positioning, price etc to the company.
4. Develop a communication strategy and propose it to the company.
5. Exploring the needs of the market, planning new product specifications, and propose to the company.



1. Experience as a product manager (brand manager) for over 5 years.
2. Experience overseas negotiation for over 5 years.
3. High communication skills.
4. Business negotiation level English (TOEIC 850 or higher).
5. Ability to use Excel, Word and Power Point.

Desirable (preferred):
1. Experience in the consumer electronics industry.