Consumer Goods & Retail


05-30 Account Manager, Associate/アカウントマネージャー (アソシエイト)


10-13 million


1. Drive sales, new customers and members through Associates Channel by account management and other marketing activities including e-mail, blog posts and other tools.
2. Accelerate associate partners’ affiliate activities by one-to-one communication through business meetings, calls and e-mails (including newsletters).
3. Help enterprise managed partners to achieve their business goals such as increasing revenue.
4. Manage Associate Platform and some related programs in order to run Associate Program smoothly by cooperating with development teams in India.
5. Develop strong relationships and work collaboratively with the product category team to maximize Affiliate opportunities.
6. Work closely with Consumer Marketing teams overseas in designing, planning, and launching new features/programs based on Japan specific requirements.
7. Work with Consumer Marketing finance team to pursue further upside opportunities.
8. Work closely with technology teams worldwide, in areas of Consumer Marketing, Mobile, and Website Platform.
9. Make sure the company’s infrastructure, architecture, and site features support and enhance the effectiveness of Consumer Marketing team’s programs.
10. Proactively share and learn worldwide best practices, to mutually help among worldwide marketing teams and achieve goals.



1. Experienced at identifying and executing successful partnership.
2. Demonstrated skills in managing business partners, making trade-offs against business priorities.
3. Deep knowledge of Japan Internet industry.
4. Professional knowledge in digital advertising and/or online publisher business.
5. Online marketing knowledge and professional experience.
6. Good understanding of Search Engine Marketing.
7. Ability to think big, and innovate the marketing programs.
8. Passion for metrics and quantitative analysis, and ability to turn analysis into actionable programs.
9. Strong drive for execution and delivering results.
10. Excellent communication and presentation skills.
11. Demonstrated ability to work with global technology and business teams.
12. Both Japanese and English language skills required.