Information & Technology


06-20 Analytics Cloud Specialist/アナリティッククラウドスペシャリスト


7-11 million


1. We are actively recruiting in the Sales Engineering division that supports customer success !
2. The Sales Engineering department is a unit to support our cloud solution proposal support from a business / technical point of view.
3. We will conduct a hearing of customer's business issues with Account Executive (sales), create solution planning, create demonstration and propose Vision to customers. Through proposals directly linked to your business and business challenges, we are waiting for entries such as those who want to realize customer success, those who love state-of-the-art technology.



1. Proposal experience of data analysis solution such as BI, BA , DWH etc.
2. Consulting in the above solution area / Project proposal & delivery experience as a project manager.
3. Experience of demonstration development / customization of the above solution area.
4. Experience for 3 years or more Application / System development experience / Lead experience.
5. Presentation / demonstration experience at business meetings, seminars and events.
6. Reading and writing in Japanese and English at native level & basic English conversation skills.