Information & Technology


5-22 Business Development Representative/インサイドセールス


5-6.6 million


This person is an inside salesperson who will be working in a team of 4 people. (2 inside sales/2 account executives)
They will try to get the leads on possible new clients and sell the product.
People who enter this position will move up to Account Executive within a year of working.
The company has a great Enablement team that “coaches and teaches” the best way to sell.
This preparation will make you successful once you move into an Account Executive role.

According to the companies data, Inside Sales accounts for 40% of Sales in 2017.

Therefore, this position is very important and can be the start of a very exciting, rewarding and fun career in Software Sales!


 Basic Requirements:

1. IT industry corporation sales experience over 3years.
2. New development business experience.
3. Those who have a high interest in the customer's business and are able to commit to the customer's success.

Preferred Requirements:

1. A negotiation experience with the management level is a plus.
2. Experience using CRM is more favorable.
3. If self-growth motivation is high.
4. better take a proactive communication open.
5. English ability unquestioned.