Information & Technology


04-17 Pre-Sales Director - APAC/プリセールス ディレクター (APAC)


18-20 million


1. Achieve revenue & bookings targets at regional level.
2. Be an active contributor to grow new business for our services, both directly and through the team.
3. Assist the Business unit, Sales teams and reporting staff to maximise the sale of products, services and solutions. Be instrumental in deal prioritisation whenever required.
4. Ensure the teams of Sales Engineers develop and maintain high level customer contacts for the maximisation of business opportunities.
5. Grow the team to ensure a perfect match to the Sales Engineer role’s expectations. Ensure proper trainings are provided to the individuals, so that they understand current and emerging technologies to provide the customers with the information needed to make informed telecommunications decisions.
6. Maintain the team with a high degree of and thorough knowledge of all company products, services capabilities.
7. Ensure the team provides World-Class Pre-Sales Support to encompass the full portfolio of company Services, including compliance to and development of common company processes, governance and functions.
8. Develop and maintain close working relationships with regional sales teams/heads on all sales channels supported by his/her team. 9. Develop and maintain close working relationship with Marketing as well as Business Development and Peers
10. Develop and maintain close working relationships with 3rd Parties to ensure relevant expertise is available for Sales Engineers on all opportunities and engagements
11. Ensure company is focusing on solutions we can win and are aligned to company strategy.
12. Be the accountable interface for the Customer Solution Team/Quality Gate to Delivery & Order Management; documenting the final Solution design to a level of detail and rigour that enables all relevant technologies and services to be identified for internal approval. Assure that all required order information to process clean order first time are gathered and agreed with customer. 



1. Bachelors Degree
2. Fluent Japanese and Business level English
3. At least 8 years management experience of running and developing international teams
4. Extensive work experience (10 years) gained in a telecommunication or IT services organisation, ideally working for a 3rd party clients, a system integrator or a carrier, and developing service offerings
5. Requirement for strong business management skills and experience.
6. Requires substantial experience in the international ICT environment with a broad knowledge across a wide range of disciplines and expertise in one or 
more disciplines.
7. Extended knowledge of core markets partner, wholesale, and enterprise
8. Proven expertise of how to apply architectural thinking to mission, strategy and vision in innovative ways that deliver positive impact and results to the business.
9. Proven and successful experience in working with sales.