Consumer Goods & Retail


03-19 Digital Marketing Manager/デジタルマーケティングマネージャー


8-9 million


1. Bring and promote inside of all organization 360 degree of vision of the consumers taking an integrated approach at the consumers’ data from CRM, digital behaviour on our site and third parties’ online shops, social media and investments with related analytics, and also our physical stores
2. Drive digital marketing connecting with CRM, define a digital and omnichannel strategy, propose actions and investments, and implement promotions and activities with a digital mindset and with an omnichannel approach to involve and attract people in any point of contact possible
3. Make and execute effective advertising plan in any kinds of digital media, Apps and SNS.
4. Boost the acquisition of new customers and increase the value of the existing customers in an efficient way
5. Managing up to 3 marketing staff (and more in the near future)



1. University degree
2. At least 5 years’ experience in companies with digital and omnichannel environment, not necessarily at the fashion industry but also at top companies with strong digital DNA in the industry like Telecom, e-commerce, Cable TV, Airline, Consumer finance, etc.
3. Strong knowledge of engagement techniques and tools on all social media are mandatory
4. Knowledgeable in allocate the digital and CRM investments in an appropriate way
5. Business English skills
6. Good team worker and excellent communication skills with the people at all levels of the organization
7. Management experience of up to 3 staff