Information & Technology


10-25 Sales Operations Specialist-Logistics /セールスオペレーション(ロジスティック)


4-6 million


1. Strengthen daily sales operation (e.g. deliver proposals on sales improvement, etc.)
2. Monitor and analyze the weekly/monthly sales performance and budget progress in each site for goal achievement that leads to process improvement.
3. Responsible for monitoring KPI progress to increase productivity and sale performance.
4. Create documents/lists for production/sales planning, stock, delivery and retained stock.
5. Prevent loss of inventory by monitoring sales and EOL (End Product) stocks.
6. Support Sales staff by creating a performance budget, Sell-In/Sell-Out/Sell Through etc.
7. Create a table of the budget results for each store, Sell-In / Sell-Out / Sell Through table, etc.
8. Create a market price transition chart watching marketing trend in each site
9. Understand sales share and SWOT (competition analysis etc) for expanding share in the market
10. Review and adjust production/sales planning by collaborating with the Supply & Demand Team for the expansion of sales opportunities.
11. Introduce successful practices to other countries by working with global sales team


1. Adaptability.
2. Ability to work in a supportive role.
3. Proactive mindset.
4. Experience in developing profitability and operational improvement in a sales or sales related division.
5. Knowledge of account sales business
6. Experience in working as a member of global team.
7. Experience in building up a good relationship with various divisions.
8. Above intermediate level of English skills. (especially reading & writing)
9. Above intermediate level of proficiency in MS office (pivot table, IF function etc) (Strong with macros is a plus)
10. Sales experience and experience working in IT manufacturing company is preferred