Manufacturing & Industrial Equipment


11-14 Supply Chain Leader Japan/サプライチェーンリーダー


11-12 million


1. Assumes responsibility for design and implement supply chain strategies and programs to achieve profitable growth and annual productivity
2. Part of the Logistic network, will design and implement the warehouse, repackaging and distribution of all product inside Japan in alignment with the logistic colleagues of other country or plant.
3. Will manage the logistic and warehouse for the raw material and packaging inside Japan in order to optimize cost and performance.
4. Part of the Sourcing network, he will sustain the sourcing inside the country for purchase made for other country/entity, included toll manufacturing.
5. Part of the Supply Chain network he will design and implement the supply chain strategy for Japan
6. Assumes responsibility for leading and managing the materials management function to including demand planning and supply planning..
7. With the information inside Board he will source raw materials for Nippon Power Graphite, which is a member of IGCJ or the toll manufacturing and prepare the logistic sustain the movement of the materials.
8. Develop and track key supply chain performance to include relevant service, cost and working capital measurements.
9. Manage all supplier, service and material, tracking the performance with proper metric
10. Manage the slow moving item
11. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.
12. Stays informed of developments and changes in production planning operations.
13. Performs inventory support functions as needed.
14. Completes special projects as assigned.


1. Inventory and production planning are accurate and well coordinated with production schedules and requirements. Parts, supplies, and materials are available online as needed.
2. Professional relationships are developed and maintained with outside vendors. Specifications and quality requirements are consistently met and supplies are delivered as scheduled.
3. Inventory is maintained at appropriate levels to meet production requirements and eliminate overstocks and out-of-stock situations.
4. Good communication and effective coordination exist with Production and Warehouse Departments.
5. Related documentation is complete, accurate, and timely.
6. Senior management is appropriately informed of area activities and significant problems.
7. Strong understanding of inventory planning and management processes.
8. Knowledge of quality control standards and systems.
9. Understanding of the Company’s purchasing procedures including bids, contracts, cost analysis, quality specifications, etc.
10. Experience as Supply Chain Manager in multinational company.
11. Intensive experience in a related position dealing with inventory control and vendor contracts.