Consumer Goods & Retail


09-29 SCM Supervisor / SCM スーパーバイザー


4-6 million


1. Manage KPI which the manager of each logistics center creates and promote improvement activities based on KPI.
2. Conduct data collection of dispatch error, erroneous sorting, etc. and analyze and solve.
3. Support cost analysis of logistics center.
4. Review and manage amount of inventory and number of ordering and order timing to check if each logistics manager completes their ordering business properly.
5. Work closely with buyers, stores, and logistics center to minimize excess goods and stagnant items.
6. Extract problems by hands-on working with staff.
7. Report to Head of SCM and Manager and follow their instruction.
8. Lead to complete essential follow-up business operation on a day-to-day basis.
9. Hands-on team training.


1. 3+ years working experience in logistics or manufacturer.
2. Working experience in food, distribution industry is a plus.
3. Team management is a plus.
4. General logistics business knowledge – order, order received, work in warehouse and transportation.
5. Analysis and writing skills.
6. Basic level of proficiency in Excel (Vlookup, Pivot), Word, PPT.
7. Good communication skills.
8. Team player.
9. Willingness of personal growth.
10. Driver’s license.