Life Sciences


09-14 Production Engineer/プロダクションエンジニア


4.5-8.5 million


1. Study of manufacturing and packaging method of new products and manufacturing packaging equipment
2. Planning, adjustment, implementation of progress management, document preparation
3. Process stabilization and improvement, improvement of production facilities and raw materials Study of the improvement improvement of the packaging material, etc.
4. Support from the technical aspects of site improvement activities
5. Change management processes and equipment
6. Trial management
7. Abnormal deviations claims surveys, the daily production related technical assistance
8. Global and contact according to the production technology of the other sites technology transfer support for technical assistance and succession destination to the contractors
10. Stretch the antenna in and out of the information, industry · Understand the latest trends of regulations, strive to improve their own skills, and enlighten colleagues and other departments.
11. In solving the problem, we will provide an efficient and effective solution with sufficient consideration of GMP, other laws and regulations, Merck's guidelines etc.


1. General knowledge on GMP and related laws and regulations
2. Communication skills in Japanese and English (TOEIC 730 or more is desirable)
3. Motivation to learn new things and motivate new work
4. Easy word technology Ability to describe a problematic manufacturing or quality control work experience in quality assurance
5. We are assuming both work on packaging and formulation.
6. If you are experienced in packaging specialization, we welcome you.
7. I would like to have experience in tablet formulation technology / packaging technology