Information & Technology


09-29 Product Project Manager /プロダクト プロジェクト マネージャー


5-8 million


1. Project scope definition (clarification) with the customer and the team from RFQ phase.
2. Project plan development and timely update to let the team do their responsibility clearly and timely.
3. Risk management (project risk analysis) and develop the response plan to minimize the project risk and loss.
4. Proper communication with the customer and the team to achieve the project goal (feature, cost, schedule and quality) effectively.
5. Issue management with the customer and the team
6. To be a first contact from the customer during the development phase, and well
communicate technical topics among the stakeholders.
7. Participate the engineering/pilot run at the customer site. Coordinate the resource
need to resolve any engineering or quality issue occurring at the trial run.
8. Conduct design review (DR) for all phase before mass production, drive for completion of all required product verification test and document preparation.
9. Manage development expense and cost of designed product to meet the original cost target of the product.
10. To manage customers ‘ demands during the development phase, and support to Engineer team to keep ‘Approved’ spec of products.
11. To define the required resources based on the work volume of each respective projects
12. To conduct lesson learned sessions for respective projects and to share the knowledge of projects.


1. Excellent communication/presentation skill
2. In-depth understanding of business organizations and management control processes.
3. Capability to make prompt/precise decision and judgment.
4. Open-minded communication with staffs and customers as well as strong relationship building skill
5. Cooperative business mind and time management skills
6. Proactive motivating skills
7. Strong driving force
8. Harmonious leadership