Information & Technology


10-04 Senior Disclosure Accountant / 開示会計 (シニア)


6-8 million


1. Investigate and resolve compliance problems with regard to various rules and regulations in financial disclosure.
2. Interpret regulations as they apply to , financial processes, and other processes, practices and procedures.
3. Assist with the annual and quarterly disclosures.
4. Providing information to investors, analysts, stock holders, client and customers.
5. Making annual reports.
6. Review and ensure accuracy and data integrity of required compliance disclosures at initial application and at time of lock if necessary.
7.Maintain accurate record of communications and/or actions related to disclosing process in the communication log of the applicable loan file.
8.Provide assistance in the formulation of forms and disclosure documents in compliance with all policies and procedures.


1. Having information anayisis ability with the global view point
2. Ability to collect latest information for stock market and market trend
3. Having high communication skill which is able to build and maintina good relationships with stakeholders is also a plus.
4. Level 2 or higher on Japan’s official bookkeeping test and U.S.
5. CPA/CMA certification is a plus
6. Proven experience and skills in financial analysis and problem solving
7.Proven experience in project management
8. PC skills (Advanced skill for Excel. Intermediate skill for Word, PowerPoint, etc) ・Leadership and interpersonal skills
9.Self-starter and can-do attitude to any duties assigned