Information & Technology


10-04 Senior Corporate Affairs Specialist /コーポレートアフェア担当スペシャリスト


6-8 million


1. File statements, notices, and other information according to relevant laws and regulations.
2. Coordinate and instruct for proper document management of the company.
3. Contribute to a positive relationship between the organization and its shareholders by organizing and preparing documentation for shareholder meetings and responding to shareholder requests for information.
4. Handling overall operations of Corporate Affairs.
5. Operate the shareholders meeting legitimately and effectively.
6. Maintain and operate in-house regulations and company stamps properly and effectively.
7. Assist the operation of board meeting of subsidiaries and act as a liaison between them.
8. Act documentation works for subsidiaries to assist their proper procedures.


1. Knowledge and experience in Corporate law and document control is essential.
2. Knowledge of good scripting practices excellent organizational and communication skills
3. Expected to prioritize work load and meet project deadlines. Expected to adapt in dynamic and collaborative work environment
4. Confidence with a positive attitude. Self Motivated. Good Coordination ability.
5. Superior Communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills.
6. Leadership, ability to translate plans into actions.
7. Strong analytical ability and problem solving skills.
8. Good negotiation skills.
9. Work independently; may instructor coach other professionals