Information & Technology


09-6 Senior PR Specialist/シニアPR スペシャリスト


8-12 million


1. Carry out all PR duties geared towards spreading recognition of company’s services (Press releases, advertisements, handling media coverage, developing and executing branding strategies for new client acquisition).
2. Further spread and emphasize company's appeal through utilization of out-of-the-box strategies developed from previous experiences.
3. Develop and implement strategy, from branding phase to exposure.
4. Respond to various forms of media coverage and press releases.
5. Build and maintain relationships with various media outlets.
6. Plan and conduct various forms of research and events.
7. Proactive checking of various forms of media, and providing correspondence where necessary.
8. Improve brand recognition of company’s services.


1. Implement PR activities in a speedy and efficient manner.
2. Experience in drafting press releases, business proposals, and other written materials (Japanese).
3. Experience in developing catch phrases (Japanese) for attracting consumers.
4. Experience with planning proposals geared towards mass media.
5. Develop and execute strategy and planning of PR events.
6. An interest/affinity towards customers, products, and services.
7. A cheerful and positive disposition with the ability to work within a team.