Consumer Goods & Retail


8-29 Global Digitization Senior IT Specialist/シニア ITスペシャリスト(グローバルデジタル化)


6-8 million


1. Develop Owned Media, EC platform and lead our group company for the business development.
2. Lead all the process from EC/system construction development, operation planning to maintenance etc.
3. Control prioritization, action assignment, schedule and progress.
4. Give direction to vendors, collaborate and coordinate with internal relevant divisions.
5. Construct and install tools (DAM/CMS, CRM tools etc) which must be a base of digital strategy.
6. Responsible for leading system construction planning/implementation through a global perspective.
7. Collaborate with CoE (Center of Excellence organization controlled Digital measures) and other overseas digital teams.


1. Working experience in planning, constructing and operating EC site under global environment in FMCG Industry or IT & Consulting related vender.
2. Business level of both Japanese and English or native level English and business level of Japanese language skill.
3. 3+ years experience in working on project management for EC or Web service development.
4. Experience in operating marketing tools and web analysis tools is a plus.
5. Experience in working on EC/app development using programming language as engineer tools is a plus.
6. Experience of DB construction and API design tools is a plus.
7. Experience in leading EC/Web service development as PM tools is a plus.
8. Experience in devising web business strategy tools is a plus.