Consumer Goods & Retail


8-04Technical Support Specialist / テクニカルサポートスペシャリスト


4-7 million


1. Work with developers to understand how they develop for the company devices, and provide feedback to business and development teams to shape features, processes, and systems.
2. Seek solutions to developer needs, communicate trends to leadership, and suggest innovative solutions to improve the developer experience.
3. Conduct deep dive analysis of and provide weekly business reporting on inbound contact activity across developers, identifying patterns and trends.
4. Offer consultation to your developer support colleagues and partner with other teams as a subject matter expert in contact topics such content certification, payments, and more.
5. Review and maintain documentation, plus creating other support materials for developers.
6. Drive projects that improve support-related services.


1. Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in technology or communications.
2. 3+ years of experience working with external customers to address and resolve issues, in support of technical products or services.
3. Experience with MS Office, with an emphasis on Excel.
4. English language fluency.
5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
6. Experience in technical support, preferably with problem ticketing, incident management, and/or issue escalation.
7. Passion for technology, digital content, and the mobile/voice market segment.