Consumer Goods & Retail


8-02 Senior Store Operations Manager Retail /シニアストアマネージャー


8-10 million


1. Responsible for the management and implementation for sales and profit development in retail (Prime & Outlet)
2. Extract problem in store operation and encourage relevant department to make it improved
3. Manage and coach 3 area managers for the operational impr vement to lead the maximization of sales amount
4. Build up a good relationship with developer and lead the improvement of store’s sales environment
5. Catch up problems in store operation and encourage other relevant department for the improvement
6. Lead action planning, implementation, result verification and modification for sales development based on sales analysis
7. Lead the negotiation with developer to develop sales performance in the store
8. Goal achievement by planning, verifying and modifying sales goal on annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis
9. Design improvement ideas for basic store opereation (knowledge of product, customer-facing skill, POS register operation)
10. Lead result verification from output through marketing measures (Promotion & VMD) and proposals
11. Manage weekly News Letter to be sent to each store
12. Lead staff allocation to maximize sales on demand based on monthly working shit
13. Lead planning and implementation of store manager meeting to be held on a quarterly basis
14. Set up individual goal for area manager/store staff and manage the evaluation
15. Plan, implement and manage the preparation of new store (lead staff hiring, set up schedule)
16. Handle customer’s complaint through area manager


1. 5-10 years retail manager experience
2. Operation management experience of a proper shop in a commercial facility is essential. Experienced SPA industry. Working experience in both foreign and Japanese companies is desirable.
3. Strong leadership ability
4. Problem-solving skill
5. Excellent negotiation skill (internal and external)
6. Skill to analyze on sales data
7. Excellent proficiency in Excel, Word and PPT
8. Above intermediate level of English is not a must but a plus
9. Positive thinking
10. Result-oriented
11. Cost consciousness
12. Time management skill