Media & Entertainment


8-02 Community Manager /コミュニティーマネージャー


5.5-6.6 million


1. Be aware of what customers are troubled with, feel free to understand what they are frustrated, grasp the situation, share them with the development team, and cooperate to respond quickly.
2. From the customer's point of view, think about support policies and response policies, and always work together with each department of the studio to improve the environment.
3. Feedback customer's suggestions, needs, and ideas to the development team and do better product development together.
4. Provide customers with accurate information on events, updates, campaigns, campaigns occurring, problems related to services being operated, etc.
5. Plan and execute events and measures to enhance the participation rate, and operate and manage the community so that customers can use them peacefully and happily.
6. Understand the latest information and success stories about social media and communication tools, learn about how other organizations and companies are utilizing them, share information and try to make understand within the company, and actively operate them.
7. Playing our released/ developing games and other companies' games, grasp specifications and operation methods, and utilize it for business.
8. Grasp the media exposure situation of the game being operated and propose possible exposure method occasionally.
9. Establish a cooperative framework with business alliance companies and maintain good and close mutual cooperation relationship.


1. Experience in developing and managing online community.
2. Experience in PC Online Game or Mobile Social Game operation.
3. Public Relations experience in gaming.
4. BtoB or BtoC support experience.
5. Work experiences dealing with social media such as Twitter and Facebook, or using it daily personally.
6. Reading and writing English skills, experience in using English in business.