Consumer Goods & Retail


7-27 Senior Marketing Manager, Mass Marketing/シニアマーケティングマネージャー(マスマーケティング)


11-14 million


1. Purchase of offline/online media while being primary point of contact with relevant media agencies.
2. Briefing above-the-line creative to Creative team/agency. Ensuring creative output reflects performance data.
3. Establishing effective and efficient working relationships with vendors.
4. Effective management of the Mass Marketing budget.
5. Measurement of impact of Mass Marketing on the entertainment business metrics; reach, awareness rate, signup, and streams.


1. Ability to excel in a lean, fast-paced work environment – self-initiative and self-confidence is a must.
2. Exceptional verbal and written communications skills and attention to detail.
3. Willingness to work hard and roll up sleeves to get work done, even when at times it is outside the scope of the job.
4. Ability to develop creative, effective approaches to difficult challenges.
5. Ability to use quantitative data and metrics to drive media buying decisions and marketing activities.
6. Bi-lingual in Japanese and English.
7. Solid experience of Excel.