Consumer Goods & Retail


09/21 Brand Marketing Specialist/ブランドマーケティングスペシャリスト


6-8 million


1. Despatch necessary information to relevant group to devise and execute prestige brand strategy working on the following duties with Group Manager.
2. Medium term brand business strategy, product development strategy, marketing strategy and PL.
3. Provide direction about marketing strategy to Marcomm based on designed brand medium term strategy.
4. Provide direction about product plan to product development group based on designed brand medium term strategy.
5. Lead promotion and implementation of brand’s projects and other X-region involved issues as strategist.


1. Flexible strategic thinking and basic marketing knowledge for strategy planning based on in-depth understanding of new concept and business process to construct brand strategy.
2. Strong willingness of global business success and achievement in consumer product development and marketing area.
3. Flexible communication skill to reach an agreement in coordination and direction between various stake holders.
4. Experience in acting as a liaison with major regional offices as strategist in HQ or experience in handling measures as regional office’s strategist.
5. Business level of both English and Japanese.
6. Open communication, cheerful and positive attitude.
7. A clear thinker to express plan and ideas simply.