Consumer Goods & Retail


7-03 Logistics & Supply Chain / ロジスティックス&サプライチェーン


7-10 million


1. Demand forecast, inventory plan formulation, production plan formulation, raw material ordering, distribution depot and its delivery management for cosmetics and toiletry products in Japan and overseas.
2. Lead, implementation and project management of cross-functional improvement activities as PSI reformation.
3. Risk management in supply and demand balance adjustment for SCM Control division’s strategy plan, implementation and management.
4. Proposals on production/sales plan and support for the implementation collaborating with production division.
5. Work on mission-critical work giving by division head.
6. Human resource development utilizing expertise.
7. Support for plan for medium-to-long term plan of production volume collaborating with stakeholder in each factory.
8. Plan and lead Resource & Inventory control depending on actual sales situation.


1. 5+ years supply chain management experience or equivalent one in either Japanese or foreign global company.
2. Someone who has achieved result continually through 7+ years supply chain management related experience.
3. Experience in discussing on supply chain management business with USA and European management people in English.
4. HQ or Hub’s PSI Control/Management of knowledge and hands-on experience in global SMC.