Information & Technology


6-23 Operation Planning/Claim Forecast Manager  オペレーションプランニング (モバイル事故予測担当)


8-12 million


1. Forecast customer’s mobile phone accident
2. Contribute to the optimization for the procurement of terminal
3. Participate in forecast for number of accident in entire program
4. Forecast number of accident for each machine based on the past performance and accident cause
5. Discuss with division in charge of procurement of terminal about the above result (several times in a month)
6. Participate in meeting to decide the procurement of terminal and explain forecast for number of accident
7. Set forecast model based on forecast/actual analysis
8. Inform relevant people internal and outside if finding abnormal number in the accident cases (and participate in regular meeting as needed)
9. Create forecast with total of each machine and explain it as one of the result of entire forecast
10. People/Team management required


1. Logical thinking ability to create and modify forecast model finding out logic from past performance
2. Proven achievement in improvement and proposals (improved forecast model depending on the market trend, realized proposals to bring financial improvement etc based on result of analysis)
3. Wide perspective while seeing individually
4. Presentation skill for top management people