Consumer Goods & Retail


7-03 China/Asia Region Marketing Strategist / 中国・アジアマーケティングストラテジスト


6-9 million


1. Devise and execute Cross-Boarder marketing strategy to promote Chinese’s trial and repeat purchase in cross region.
2. Devise company-wide strategy.
3. Lead marketing activities delivering ideas on basic master marketing activities to each stakeholder like China, Japan business.
4. Build up scheme to control and monitor company-wide Cross-Boarder business virtually collaborating with business administration div.
5. Staff education (3-4 staff).
6. Lead strategy initiative based on business partnership with Partner Group as HQ PMO.


1. Experience in working on China or Asia Regional marketing at global company.
2. 6+ years marketing experience (Brand holder experience is a plus).
3. Experience in leading market strategy project in consulting firm (Manager experience is a plus).
4. Working experience at consumer goods manufacturer or EC platform company is a plus.
5. Manager experience in managing more than 3 subordinates.
6. Business level of English skill is a must and Chinese language is a plus.
7. Mindset aiming to deliver top quality in global company always not compromising but pursing what it should be.
8. Perseverant and flexible to respond suitably in urgent request and repeated changes.
9. Ability to build up a good relationship with other people to communicate closely with them and establish strong collaborative organization.